SINGER Sewing Gauge, 6-Inch

SINGER Sewing Gauge, 6-Inch

SINGER Sewing Gauge, 6-Inch
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Product Description

The SINGER 6-Inch Sewing Gauge is the perfect addition or replacement tool for a seamstress or tailor. The ruled measuring gauge determines hem depths, space between buttonholes, seams, tucks and pleats. Use the slider to hold the sewing gauge’s position and draw circles or scallop edging. The ruler shows inches and centimeters for simple conversions and white text on the black background is easy to read.


  • 6-inch sewing gauge with slider
  • Used to measure hem depth and space between buttonholes, space tucks and pleats
  • Slider allows gauge to hold position for repeated marking and/or drawing circles
  • Ruler printed with inches and centimeters

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